Turkey Lettuce Wraps

Turkey Lettuce Wraps

Really FEELIN the lettuce wraps this week friends! Great alternative to bread if you are watching your carb intake! This is a great, EASY and healthy lunch option! So delicious! Perfect for hot summer days! 🙂

Lettuce Wraps
1 Tbs Organic mayo (split between 3 wraps)
1 Tbs yellow mustard
Low sodium turkey lunch meat
3 cherry tomatoes
Sprinkle of feta cheese
Black pepper to taste

Paint mayo and mustard onto 3 lettuce wraps. Add turkey, pickles, tomatoes, and feta. Sprinkle black pepper to taste and WOOHOO! You have a healthy and tasty lunch! Can pair with a few strawberries or blueberries for something sweet! 🍓🍓

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