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Tips for Staying On Track With Healthy Eating – Daybreak Fitness
Tips for Staying On Track With Healthy Eating
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Tips for Staying On Track With Healthy Eating

New Year’s resolutions already feel long forgotten? Don’t give up yet! 2017 can still be your healthiest and happiest year yet! February is a new month. Lets get back on it and crush our goals together! Here are my top tips for staying on track in the kitchen!

1. PLAN YOUR MEALS– Never go to the grocery store aimlessly. Not only will you buy things you don’t need- spending way more money than necessary, but you will also buy unhealthy foods impulsively! Make a list of everything you need for your week and buy only those things. Find clean recipes and grab those ingredients. It will save you time, stress and money!
2. PREP FOOD– Always have easy, clean snacks available on hand. I almost always have almond or peanut butter, fruit, chopped veggies, hummus, protein bars, nuts and other things I can grab on the go! This makes life easier, and helps you avoid the bad stuff! Also, make a little extra of your clean and lean dinner and save the leftovers!  Great for an easy lunch the next day!
3. GET RID OF JUNK– You know the saying “out of sight, out of mind?” Well, it works for food too. If its not available, you can’t eat it.
4. DRINK WATER– So many people confuse hunger with thirst, so before eating that whole bag of chips, go grab a tall cold glass of water!
5. TREAT YOURSELF– Depriving yourself never works. It only makes you obsessively crave what you can’t have. So once a week, have a treat meal with friends of family! It will help you stay on track knowing you can look forward to your favorite meal on the weekend! Just be quick to get back on track the next day! 
6. EAT MORE OFTEN– Many health experts say people who eat more frequently are better able to control their weight and their metabolism is faster. Never go hungry!
7. EAT PROTEIN– In every meal. Protein will sustain you while carbs fill you. You will stay fuller longer, and crave less empty calories if you eat more lean protein.
8. CLEAN YOUR KITCHEN– Nothing inspires me more than a clean fridge and pantry. Wipe away the yuck, get rid of the bad, and fill your home with healthy, beautiful, nutritious, real foods.
9. FIND HEALTHIER WAYS– There are always creative and healthy ways to transform your favorite recipes into healthier ones. Love pasta? Try quinoa pasta or zucchini pasta for a lower carb option. Whatever it is, there is a way! I promise!  Check out daybreakfitness.com for tons of clean recipes and ideas! 
10. FORGIVE YOURSELF– We are all human and slip up once in a while.  Treat yourself like you would a friend.  Learn the art of forgiveness and kindness to yourself. Don’t let one bad meal turn into a bad week. Just brush it off and start over the next meal!
11. NO CRASH DIETING– Do not try and lose weight to quickly. It is both unhealthy and unsustainable. Instead, adopt a healthy lifestyle where you lose weight over time in the right way.  Experts say losing 1-2 pounds a week is healthy.  Learn to treat your body with the respect and kindness it deserves.
12. KEEP A FOOD JOURNAL– Writing down what you eat helps you become aware of what you are consuming. No one wants to write down that they ate something bad, so it helps to keep you accountable.
13. REWARD YOURSELF– Do you have a weight-loss goal? Well, reward yourself for success sticking to your plan! Except, not with food! Go to a movie, get a massage, buy some new shoes!
14. HAVE FUN– Have fun with your healthy lifestyle! Try new recipes, spices, and snacks! There are so many options out there and once you fall in love with the lifestyle and how you feel you won’t ever go back.