How To Stay Healthy (and Still Enjoy Yourself) on Vacation
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How To Stay Healthy (and Still Enjoy Yourself) on Vacation

We all know it can be tough to stay healthy on vacation.  With family and friends around us, sweets, amazing restaurants and favorite foods everywhere we turn, it can be easy to throw in the towel for a week or two and give up. I believe wholeheartedly that vacations are a time to treat ourselves and relax, to enjoy our loved ones and not be stressed about what we are eating/drinking, but I also believe we should never treat our body like a trash can!  After coming back from a 2 week vacation at the beach with my entire family and not gaining 1 pound (yes this is true, woohoo!), I want to share some tricks and tips to staying on track during vacation!

1. PREPARE YOUR MIND– The week before you leave, begin to encourage yourself to treat your body right.  Remind yourself this will be a time to relax, but you also want to feel confident and good while on your trip.  Ask your family or friends if they have plans to go to any specific restaurants and search for the menus online to prepare yourself to make a good choice.  My family loves Italian food, so I looked up some of the restaurants to see if they had a lower carb seafood or meat alternative to the pastas.

2. PREPARE YOUR BODY–  I always like to work out a little extra hard before a big trip, not only so I can be confident on the beach or wherever I am going, but also so I can give myself a little leeway in case I slack off a bit on my trip.  At least when this happens I know I worked super hard the week before, which is satisfying.

3. PREPARE YOUR SNACKS– I eat 5-6 small meals a day, which a lot of fitness gurus do.  Often times, family and friends do not eat the same (most eat 3 big meals a day), and thus there will be a slack in the snack department.  Because of this, I pack in my suitcase fruit like bananas, grapefruit, and apples, protein bars, nuts, dried fruit, and protein powder for smoothies.  This way, I won’t get upset when there are no options, and I won’t inconvenience anyone by needing something extra.  Also, if you are staying somewhere with a kitchen, run by the nearest grocery store and pick up some healthy veggies and snacks for yourself.  If you are willing to share, this is a great time to get your family involved in eating healthy with you!  Share the love!

4. DO NOT MISS WORKOUTS– I always say, working out on vacation is the BEST time to workout.  Why?  Because the biggest excuse for not working out is a LACK OF TIME.  On vacation you have all the time in the world.  I made sure on my vacation to get in some kind of workout 5 out of 7 days of the week!  The best time is in the morning before the day gets rolling and there are other things to do.  Thankfully my family enjoys working out with me so I created some beach bootcamps for us all to do together.  It was definitely the highlight of our trip.  I also love beach jogging, walking, and checking out the coolest gym in the area.

5. ONE OUT OF THREE–  One of my biggest challenges is to always choose just ONE out of the three biggest cravings.  BREAD, SUGARY DRINKS, or DESERT.  If you do have one of these three items, you should try to have it in moderation.  Since portion control is always my biggest downfall, I always tell myself, “you can have 1 piece of cake or bread, not 3!” LOL!

6. HYDRATE–  Drink a TON of water on vacation.  Half your body weight in ounces of water is ideal and if you are working out, even more might be necessary.  Water flushes out toxins and de-bloats you.  I like to carry around a large water bottle especially at the beach where it is hot and easy to get dehydrated.  You will feel much less bloated if you do this.

7. MAKE YOUR TREATS WORTH IT– It’s easy on vacation to just indulge whatever is in front of you.  This just leads to eating lots of excess calories that may not even be worth while.  I always ask myself, “what do I REALLY want?” Or, “what is the most SPECIAL dinner night to indulge?”  Or, “Is this really something I am craving?”  I knew this year I definitely wanted some pancakes from Uncle Bills Pancake House and I definitely wanted some ice cream.  So, I let myself have these things on the most special outings where my whole family was there and it felt like a special night. This way, I enjoyed it much more and was not regretful.  Treating yourself should be just that, A TREAT. It’s more fun when you make it special. That way you don’t feel stuffed, bloated, and miserable.

8. MAKE MEMORIES BY STAYING ACTIVE–  Vacations and events are times when the best memories are made with the ones you love.  It is easy to fall into the same patterns, but I encourage you to really put forth an effort to make the most of every moment.  For my family, it it easy to want to just sit on a blanket or a chair on the beach all day and not move.  But, I find that it’s those paddle-ball games, sandcastle building, football matches, and swimming in the ocean that make for the best times.  Not only do you burn more calories by staying active, but you laugh more and get closer with your family and friends.  Be active and make the sweetest memories that will last a lifetime.  <3

How do YOU stay healthy on vacation? Feel free to share your comments below! 🙂

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