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Romantic, Healthy, and Low Budget Date Night- PERFECT for Valentines day! – Daybreak Fitness
Romantic, Healthy, and Low Budget Date Night- PERFECT for Valentines day!

Romantic, Healthy, and Low Budget Date Night- PERFECT for Valentines day!

Anyone who knows me knows that I like surprises- especially romantic ones.

My husband Derek is literally the BEST at surprising me.  He is always coming up with romantic ideas and different ways to make me happy.  Just a few days ago, he surprised me with a brand new puppy and my heart just melted!  Her name is Lucy. I mean COME ON how adorable is she?  <3


One night I decided to surprise Derek and do something romantic for HIM.  I have to say, this night was one for the books.  WE LOVED IT. Sometimes you just want something simple, thoughtful, and low-key.  Maybe you are not in the mood for a fancy restaurant date, you want something healthy, and the budget is tight.  That is how I came up with the idea to do a romantic picnic in our living room! Here is how I made the magic happen:


First off, you have to set the mood.  Dim the lights, lay out a pretty blanket, get some fresh flowers and candles.  If you have a picnic basket put it out tastefully for an added touch.  Use fine china, silverware and serving utensils for an extra hint of romance.  Don’t forget to wear a cute outfit for the occasion!




Although our date was in our living room, I wanted it to feel like a fancy night out.  So, I made a healthy but delicious cheese plate for a starter.  We LOVE cheese plates.  I cut up fresh mozzarella and added basil, tomato and balsamic glaze.  I also put out some prosciutto, pecans, apple slices, and crackers on the board.  You can totally use whatever you have in your house! Be creative.




For our main course I made a fresh strawberry and feta salad, and added my favorite salmon recipe on top.  Kept it light and fresh.  You can add fish, chicken, or shrimp to your salad.  Although not pictured, I also made some whole wheat cous-cous as a side dish because it is Derek’s favorite. 🙂




Every good, romantic evening has to end with something sweet, right?  I decided ours did too.  To keep the dessert on the healthier side, I got some fresh fruit (cherries and blueberries) and I bought a little lemon tart from Sprouts made with organic raw ingredients and some organic macaroons.  Feed each other the cherries for some extra excitement.  Just kidding.  Or am I? 😉



There you have it!  A healthy, romantic, low budget date night idea you can make happen right in the comfort of your own living room.  Such a fun way to surprise your “person” and show them a little love this Valentines day!  <3

Comment below with your Valentines day plans!