Pack your lunch.
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Pack your lunch.

Do you feel like your day job or other responsibilities keeps you from meeting your fitness goals? It does not have to be this way! Set yourself up for success and INVEST IN A LUNCH BOX. Pack healthy meals and snacks every day to keep you on track for meeting your goals and just feeling GOOD! Eating out for lunch every day can be very expensive, very bad for you, and even the healthiest options at restaurants can be (sneakily) unhealthy.

Here are some HEALTHY snack ideas for your lunch box:

– fruit (Apple, grapefruit, banana)
– almonds or other salt free nuts
– Protein bars (will follow up with my favorite kinds)
– salad with chicken, veggies, and low fat dressing
– square of dark chocolate for a treat
– tea bags
– veggies and hummus
– healthy leftovers (if your office or location has microwave)
– sandwich on whole wheat wrap or Ezekiel bread with turkey or tuna, and veggies!
– water
– almond butter with fruit

Just some ideas! Hope this helps!

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