Mini Sausage and Egg White Casserole

Mini Sausage and Egg White Casserole

This dish is FULL of amazing flavors and is packed with nutritious veggies and protein to help get your day off on the right foot! I used a small casserole dish, but you could also make this recipe as muffins and keep them in the refrigerator for easy go to meals all week! 🙂 ENJOY!


Egg Whites
5 Cherry Tomatoes chopped
1/4 Red Pepper chopped
Chicken Sausage (I got Apple Chicken)
Sprinkle of Low fat feta Cheese
Small handful spinach
2 Mushrooms
Sprinkle of Garlic Powder
Sea Salt & Black Pepper to taste
Cooking Spray (I use Coconut Oil cooking Spray)
2 Basil leaves chopped


1.Preheat oven to 375 degrees
2.Spray your mini casserole dish (can also use muffin pan to make muffins)
3.Layer veggies, feta, sausage, and basil leaves and pour egg whites until veggies are covered, about 3/4 of the way full.
4.Sprinkle salt, pepper, and garlic to taste.
5.Cook for 25-30 mins.

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