How to Get Out of Your Rut
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How to Get Out of Your Rut

Some weeks are hard and thats the truth. I had one of those weeks last week. No motivation, no creative juices flowing, felt a little down in the dumps, did not seem to have any direction or vision at all. We’ve all been there!

It can be hard to peel ourselves off of the couch and keep up with our fitness or do anything productive when we feel low! I know how tough it can be to overcome those feelings! So, I wanted to share a little about how I got out of my rut and I believe it might help you too! Here are 8 ways to get out of your rut:

1. GET ACCOUNTABILITY– I know fitness is extremely important (especially for me as a personal trainer), so I knew I had to workout even though I didn’t particularly FEEL up to it. What did I do? I took the plundge and bought myself a membership to my favorite gym. For me, just spending the money makes me more apt to go and get it done. Also, knowing I have a certain amount of sessions I need to attend each month makes me determined to get them in weekly and not miss. Sometimes a group class or having a personal trainer pushes you harder than you would push yourself on your own!
2. GET OUT OF YOUR ROUTINE– Are you someone who works from home? Go to a coffee shop to get work done. Are you someone who has to be at work early? Plan to wake up a little earlier to take some time for yourself or plan to go on a walk after work.
3. MEET UP WITH A FRIEND– Sometimes being alone with your own thoughts for to long is unhealthy. I can tend to be a bit introverted, so when I get in a rut this is one of my GO TO remedies. I love my alone time, but can truthfully drive myself crazy being alone to long! When you get around a friend or meet up with someone you have been wanting to hang out with, you will feel refreshed and revived! Who knows, your friend may say something to encourage you or tell you something that will give you a new zest for life! This almost always does the trick for me! Thank God for friends!
4. DO SOMETHING NEW– Have you been wanting to take piano lessons? Salsa classes? Sky diving? DO IT (well, maybe not the sky diving, lol SCARY!). Sometimes scheduling something that is new will pump some life into those veins and get you excited about the days ahead!
5. SPEND SOME MONEY– Now, this may not work for every person or situation, but I have learned that in order to make money you have to spend money. It’s so easy to just want to save, and when you have to save, do it! But, when you take a bit of a risk with your money, it makes you uncomfortable and when you are uncomfortable YOU GROW. Last week buying a membership to a new (and more pricy) gym was uncomfortable, but boy did it make me want to work harder!
6. REACH OUT TO SOMEONE– Sometimes when you feel down, reaching out to encourage someone else gives you a sense of purpose. Send a sweet text to a friend or a family member and make their day. It always makes me smile when I can make someone else smile.
7. CLEAN YOUR SPACE– There is nothing like a clean work space, home, and car that gets me motivated and ready to work! Sometimes when the dishes pile up, or laundry is backed up or my work space is cluttered I feel overwhelmed and it makes me depressed and unmotivated. I have to force myself to get up and clean and then I feel amazing and ready to seize the day!
8. PUT YOUR SELF TOGETHER– I always say, “Look good + feel good = do good.” Sometimes when you take a little time to take a shower, put on some makeup or a nice outfit, or rock some cute workout clothes, it makes a WORLD a difference! How you look and feel makes a huge impact on your level of production in any area!

Hope these tips help you like they helped me! Comment below on how YOU get out of your rut!

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