Fit for Fall 2 Week Challenge
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Fit for Fall 2 Week Challenge

Why I Created the Fit for Fall Challenge

Fall is in the air! It’s almost time to bring out those favorite boots, scarves, and sweaters, and I want to help you feel your absolute best doing it! It’s easy to be motivated to get in shape for summer (can we think bikinis and short shorts?), but fall is a time we mostly think comfort food and pumpkin spice lattes!  Although its ok to treat yourself once in a while, your health is of utmost importance, and you deserve to feel happy, healthy, and beautiful. That is why I created this challenge, to help you get excited to take your health to the next level! This plan will give you everything you need to defeat the odds and be in the best shape of your life this fall!

What is the Fit for Fall 2 Week Challenge?

The Fit for Fall 2 Week Challenge combines 2 weeks worth of nutrition and workouts to help you feel beautiful from the inside out.  Seeing results is 80% nutrition which is why EVERY meal is planned for you with key recipes (including delicious fall inspired recipes) included and six fun body toning workouts!  I promise you if you stick to the plan, you will see and feel serious change not just in your body, but also in your mind and soul!

What You Will Need

I wanted this plan to be as easy as possible to follow, which is why all you will need is a pair of dumbbells ranging from 5-10 pounds!  Also, a positive mindset of course!

Why You Should Get It

  • Super easy to follow
  • 2 weeks worth of meals planned out for you
  • Workout schedule and workouts included
  • Little equipment needed (just dumbbells)
  • Recipes are practical and easy to make keeping in mind your busy schedule
  • You will see results in just 2 weeks
  • You will get an immediate download after purchase


Sneak peak of the recipes included EXCLUSIVELY offered on this plan!

Click HERE if you are ready to get fit for FALL! 



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