9 Ways to Embrace Fall Fitness
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9 Ways to Embrace Fall Fitness

Happy first day of fall ya’ll! Fall is absolutely my favorite season, and it gives me all the feels. Between the changing leaves, beautiful crisp air, sweaters and pumpkin spice, I am in my happy place when September/October rolls around. Because of this, I was inspired to inspire you! Here are 9 ways to embrace fall fitness. Hope these tips help you and motivate you like they do me! 

1. Get outside! With crisp air, cooler temperatures and beautiful colored leaves, who wouldn’t want to be outside? Fall can do wonders for our senses, so allow the changing season to inspire you as you get outside for your workout. Some of my favorite ways to exercise in the fall are long walks outside, hiking, jogging or biking. Even raking leaves can be a workout! Find a lovely park trail or use your backyard to get moving. I promise this will be so refreshing for your mind, body and soul.

2. Watch TV. Wait, what? Yes! There is no better time to enjoy a good Netflix series or your favorite movie than in the fall with a nice hot drink and some (healthy) snacks! Use the TV time to get in some exercise, though! While you watch, challenge yourself to do some squats, sit-ups, leg lifts, jumping jacks, or even get in a weight routine! Commercial breaks are also a great way to get in a little circuit. Who’s with me?

3. Layer up. Because the weather will get cooler, it may be a good idea to layer your clothing. My favorite way to do this is to get some moisture wicking clothing, and wear it for your bottom layer. This way, when you sweat, it wont make you cold because it will take the moisture away from your body. For the second layer, wear something warm, and then on top choose a windbreaker to keep you extra toasty. You can always shed layers as you get that heart rate up!

4. Challenge yourself. I am all about starting a new challenge. There is something about it that motivates me and excites me, and when I have a set plan I know I will succeed. Maybe you want to consistently work out for three days a week. Maybe you want to try training for a 10K or a half marathon. Maybe you want to try my Daybreak Fitness Fit for Fall 2-Week Challenge?! Whatever it is, set your plan, and GO!

5. Set goals. Always set a goal for yourself. Do you want to lose weight? Tone up? Stay consistent? Set a goal, write it down and take it one day at a time. You can do much more than you think you can. Having a goal gives you something to work towards.

6. Fall produce is the best! Farmers markets and grocery stores will be stocked with fresh fall produce like pumpkins, sweet potatoes, winter squash, apples and figs! So tasty, and easy on the wallet, too!

7. Find new ways to eat fall favs. Fall is here, and pumpkin spice lattes, muffins and treats are everywhere we turn. Don’t deprive yourself of your favorite foods, but instead, learn to make them for yourself in a healthier way! Search Pinterest or blogs or daybreakfitness.com for healthy recipes that are delicious and satisfying and you will never miss out.

8. Have a tailgate and party plan. Between football games, halloween parties, and fall festivals, comfort food is calling our name. Do not fear, though, just have a plan. Never arrive starving to a tailgate or party, but instead, bring a healthy dish like grilled chicken or kabobs, chili is always a good option, and healthier deserts. Focus on the people more than the food and don’t over-do it! You got this.

9. Embrace change. Fall is a good time for change. Change your mindsets, change your heart and create new habits. Allow yourself to be inspired by the changing colors and do something you have never done before. Now is the time.

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