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8 Ways To Stay Healthy At a Restaurant!

How many times do we leave a restaurant feeling so stuffed and horrible saying we never need to eat again?  These tips will help you feel way more satisfied and be way more kind to your body. Hope they help!

1. ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE- Remember, YOU ARE PAYING THE RESTAURANT, so more often than not they will cook food how you want it.  For example, ask for items on menu to be grilled instead of fried, sweet potatoes instead of regular, side of veggies instead of french fries, cooked in olive oil instead of butter, low fat dressing instead of high fat!

2. WATCH PORTION SIZES- This is my biggest struggle!  I can eat healthy food all day long, but I eat way too much of it! One trick is to- while ordering your food- ask for half of it in a to-go box before even eating!  That way you get two meals for one and obviously eat way less!

3. BE THE SALAD POLICE- Salads should be HEALTHY.  Unfortunately at many restaurants, salads accumulate more calories than a big mac.  Skip the creamy dressings, bacon bits, cheeses, croutons and fried chicken and fatty meats!  Ask for some added fruit or more veggies if possible!

4. GET SAUCES AND DRESSINGS ON THE SIDE- You typically will not want/need the amount of dressing or sauce added to your salad or meal.  The amounts of sneaky added sugars and bad stuff is deceiving!  Be safe and order sauce on the side and use just a bit of it!

5. ORDER WATER WITH LEMON- Skip the soft drinks and other sugary drinks!  They are terrible and slowly killing you! Lol, just the truth! Sip on water with lemon, which detoxes your body and hydrates you!

6. WATCH WHO YOU EAT WITH- Studies show eating with friends or family who order only fatty and bad food will make you MUCH more likely to eat worse than you normally would.  Try to find people with similar healthy goals so you won’t be tempted!

7.CHECK THE MENU- Most restaurants now have their menu online, which means you can see options before you go!  If there are no healthy options, pick a different place!

8. SKIP THE DESERT- Just say NO!  Just because they offer it does not mean you need to have it.  Instead, go home after and have some dark chocolate, or some healthier popped popcorn!

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