7 Ways to Get Back on Track After Thanksgiving
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7 Ways to Get Back on Track After Thanksgiving

Getting back on track can be the last thing we want to do after binging on delicious casseroles, potatoes, gravy and grandma’s decadent pumpkin pies. While it’s important to relax and indulge with no regrets, be careful not to let those habits spiral out of control! Commit to getting back on track quickly because you deserve to feel your best and your body deserves to be healthy! Here are my top tips for getting back on your routine!
1. INSPIRE YOURSELF– Scroll through some fitness pages on Pinterest or Instagram to remind yourself of your goals and to spark a fresh interest in your health. Just seeing other motivated people will motivate you! I especially like to search for healthy recipes and motivational quotes!
2. FITNESS DVD’s– Don’t feel like leaving your warm cozy house to hit the gym? Pop in a fun fitness DVD! There are so many fitness videos on youtube you can follow along with right from your living room or you can purchase some fun dance DVD’s that will get your heart rate up all while having a great time! Perfect to have on hand for rainy or cold days! Also a great way to get family involved.
3. GET OUTDOORS– I know its chilly outside, but sometimes a little fresh air will leave you feeling amazing and help you to clear your mind for a fresh perspective. I LOVE taking winter walks or jogs with a family member or a friend. Low impact, yet still burns calories.
4. HIGH INTENSITY WORKOUT– Really serious about sweating off those extra Thanksgiving dinner pounds? Get in an intense sweat to torch fat and burn calories quickly. My favorite way to do this is to set a timer and run some sprints! 30 second sprints with a 30 second jog or walk to recover! Do this for 20-30 minutes. Add in some squat jumps, burpees, lunges and crunches if you are feeling extra ambitious!
5. EAT MORE PROTEIN AND VEGGIES– Never starve or restrict yourself to much in order to shed unwanted pounds. Instead, start your day with a protein packed breakfast and eat a lot of veggies, protein and healthy whole grains through the rest of the day.  This will help keep you feeling full, while restarting your metabolism and detoxing your body.
6. SAY NO TO TREATS– In order to get rid of bloat and shed the extra weight, you may need to say no to certain foods for a few days! Sugars, white breads and potatoes, carbonated beverages, and even dairy can cause you to appear “fluffy” and heavy. When mom puts these out on the table stay strong and remember your goals! You can do anything when you DECIDE to.
7. DRINK A TON OF WATER– Water flushes out the extra sodium and de-bloats your body. Drinking at least half your body weight in ounces of water is recommended. Add in a few glasses of green tea too!