6 Ways to Stay Motivated
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6 Ways to Stay Motivated

We all know starting a workout routine can be exciting. Your goals are fresh, you are inspired to get some cute gear, and you are psyched to GET FIT! At the beginning of our Fit for Summer Challenge I am sure you were very inspired to get moving and reach those goals!  But sometimes, life happens. It happens to all of us, and it’s nothing to feel guilty about!  The good news is we can get that workout mojo back!  Here are some tricks I have learned to help me stay on point!

6 ways to stay motivated:

1. MAKE WORKING OUT A PRIORITY-  I am not sure why when life gets stressful or busy working out is the first thing we kick off our schedule. The truth is, those times are when we need exercise the MOST.  Exercise is scientifically proven to reduce stress, anxiety and depression.  Experts claim we need at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise A DAY to stay healthy and keep us at low risk for disease!  CRAZY how few of us get that in. So when I don’t feel like working out, or when my life starts to pile up on me, I remind myself just how important it is to get moving.  Not just so I can stay in shape, but for my mental sanity, my mood (family and friends say amen) and my physical health as a whole!

2. WORKOUT FIRST THING IN THE MORNING-  When you start your day off by breaking a sweat, you not only feel better and more energized, but you also have the whole rest of your day to get other work done.  Sometimes, when you don’t get your sweat on first thing in the AM, something comes up and you never get it in. Not pressing snooze is a sure way to make sure you do it, and for an extra plus you burn more calories because your metabolism is already pumping!  For those of you who go to work or have kids, get up 30-45 minutes early and go for a walk or do your Daybreak weight routine from the Fit for Summer Challenge!  You will never regret getting in a good workout.  You might, however, regret sleeping in.

3. JUST DO SOMETHING- So often we tell ourselves we need to go to the gym for at least an hour, or do something really strenuous to feel like we got in a good workout.  This only leads to you sitting on the couch DREADING your sweat session! One of my biggest mottos is “just do something”- a short 10-20 minute walk, a few abs on my living room floor, 10 squats, it doesn’t have to be crazy!  More often than not, getting my heart pumping even a little bit motivates me to keep going and I want to do even more!  Those 10 minute walks often turn into 30 before I even realize what is happening! 🙂

4. MAKE A PLAN-  If you are someone with a busy schedule, you need to PLAN your workouts, your meals, and your success.  Without a vision you will never succeed!  Schedule a walk with a friend on your lunch break, pack your bag to go to the gym right after work. Sleep in your workout clothes so you can roll right out of bed and start moving (this is a big one for me).  Pack your lunches with healthy options so you won’t slip up and eat fast food or other heavy meals.  Get a calendar or a journal JUST for your fitness and health journey.

5.  GET A SUPPORT SYSTEM-  Whether its from family, friends, coworkers, or your trainer, we all need some support and encouragement to stay healthy and fit.  Sometimes our friends and family do not live the healthiest lifestyle and you need to find support elsewhere!  I love following fitness accounts on Instagram and Facebook where I see photos daily of healthy foods and people waking up early to exercise because it is very motivating and inspiring!  I find on days I do not feel like moving I scroll down social media and see a photo that immediately want to get active!  This is HUGE for success!  Find some people to get inspired by!

6. KEEP IT FUN-  Try. something. new.  There are many many workout classes around town you can try and most give the first class for free!  Grab a friend and try one to switch up your routine!  Boredom is a sure way to lose motivation and fall off your workout train.  Sometimes I go hiking, sometimes I walk, I will find a new park or trail, sometimes I bring my weights outside, sometimes I workout in my house…  I am constantly switching it up!  As a personal trainer this is very important to me.  For every session I bring new moves, switch up routines use different equipment and so forth for my clients!  Come train with me for EXTRA FUN!

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