11 Ways to Stay Fit on Your Day Job
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11 Ways to Stay Fit on Your Day Job

Do you spend most of your days sitting at a desk?  I feel you!  Just because you have a day job does not mean you have to let go of your health.  There are many things you can do to stay healthy, strong, fit and full of energy at work! Here are 11 tips that will have you feeling incredible:


1. WALK– Pick the farthest parking lot from your office and get a little walk in before and after work to burn some extra calories! Your co-workers will thank you too!
2. STRETCH– Every hour or so get up and move your muscles/stretch a bit to get blood flow moving and to prevent cramps and tightness (especially stretch your hip flexors and back from sitting at the computer).
3. HEALTHY SNACKS– I can not stress this one enough! Have healthy snacks available at your desk! Fruit, nuts, kind bars or Lara bars, dark chocolate, air popped popcorn… the possibilities are endless!
4. BRING YOUR LUNCH– Skip the restaurant for lunch and bring something lean clean and green that your body will thank you for. Most offices have refrigerators and microwaves so bring some leftovers! Eat for 30 minutes and power walk for 30 minutes! Get an office buddy on board to hold you accountable!
5. WORKOUT– Mini workouts at your desk are totally do-able! One sneaky little workout is to: squeeze your ab muscles, butt muscles, and thigh muscles tightly for 1 minute each as you work on the computer. OR, sit on an exercise ball to engage your core all day! Also, a few squats never hurt anybody!
6. INSPIRE YOURSELF– Have your goals and favorite quotes written in a visible spot so you can remind yourself daily where you are going in life and of course about your fitness goals.
7. TAKE THE STAIRS– Skip the elevator ALWAYS and feel the burn! Treat escalators and elevators like someone you dislike and STAY AWAY!
8. MEETINGS ON THE GO– Have a meeting or conference call over the phone? Go for a walk around the office or outside while talking!
9. WAKE UP EARLIER– Set your alarm 30 minutes to an hour earlier and get your sweat on before work! You will feel much more awake and alert and motivated the rest of the day.  Not an early riser?  Plan your after work sweat sessions on your calendar and GO.
10. LEARN TO SAY NO– To the cookies, cakes, doughnuts, pizza and other treats in the office. This can be tough, but I promise you will feel on top of the world when you stand strong!
11. STAY HYDRATED– Drink a lot of water through out your day and avoid drinking to much coffee! Carry some herbal tea in your purse if you need a change of flavor!

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